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Roma Rosa harp

Roma Classic harp Roma Bella harp

Roma Classic
(shown in figured maple)
46-Strings (over 6 octaves),
Range: BBB to a4
6’ tall, 2’ wide, 3½ deep, 70 lbs.

Roma Bella
(shown in figured black walnut)
40-Strings (over 5 octaves),
Range: CC to g
6’ tall, 22’’ wide, 3’ deep, 50 lbs.

Roma Rosa
(shown in padauk)
36-Strings (5 octaves),
Range: BB to b
63’’ tall, 19’’ wide, 31’’ deep, 40-50 lbs.

"...We had a Roma Rosa built for our children and are absolutely delighted with it. Also, have been very blessed by the devotional that the harp maker has written—makes us feel even better about the spirit of the work that went into our harp. We truly believe that we have come upon a yet-discovered musical genius craftsman—a modern day "Stradivarius" whose instruments are sure to be much higher valued once discovered."
Mr. & Mrs. K. Rauscher—Lehigh Valley, PA

Regency Robusto Harp Regency harp The Affordable Regency Harp

Regency Robusto
(shown in black walnut with carved rose)
38-Strings (5 octaves),
Range: G to b
62½’’ tall, 20½’’ wide, 30’’ deep, 45 lbs.

(shown in mahogany with carved rose)
34-Strings (nearly 5 octaves),
Range: C to a
62’’ tall, 16’’ wide, 29’’ deep, 40 lbs.

The Affordable Regency
(shown in black walnut with satin finish)
34-Strings (nearly 5 octaves),
Range: C to a
62’’ tall, 16’’ wide, 29’’ deep, 40 lbs.

Testimonial—April, 2009
We have purchased four Regency Harps (three for us and one for a niece) and a Limerick Harp from the Marini Family and could not be more pleased. Both in sound and appearance, they are all incredibly beautiful instruments. The harps are also surprisingly light and easy to move for their size and have aged very well for us. We remain amazed that the Marinis can produce such a great harp at such a reasonable price. We’ve had the opportunity to play our harps in seven states and the District of Columbia and before everyone from nursing home residents to foreign dignitaries to Grammy Award winners, and everywhere we play, people praise our harps for both sound and craftsmanship. What’s more, when you buy a Marini Harp, you get to deal with the Marini family, and that is a blessing in and of itself!
Brenda Lee—Harrisburg, PA


Ultra-Lite harp


NEW! 34-String Ultra-Lite Harp
Need a lightweight harp?
Then this one is for you!
It weighs only 15 pounds
and is so portable that you
can carry it with one hand!


The Ultra-Lite Harp
(shown in natural cherry)
34-strings (nearly 5 octaves),
Range: C to a3
51" tall, 15" wide, 26" deep,
15 lbs. (without levers)

Click the photo to see more
details and to hear
a sound clip.

Testimonial—June 2012
Approximately ten years ago I purchased a Marini Made Harp. It is a 31-string floor harp. Over the years I have been asked to perform in both secular and faith-based forums on my harp for a number of different events and occasions. I feel that the quality of craftsmanship that is imbued in my harp is a large part of the reason my performing is requested. Those who hear the beautiful, resonant sound that comes from my harp are often literally overwhelmed with the sound. When I first received my harp, I asked the Lord to train me in learning to play it. I've never had a lesson in harp in the proper sense. I am one who sings and performs music from the heart—also known as a folk musician. It has been one of my greatest pleasures in this life to have the wonderful instruction of my Lord in learning to play my instrument to His glory. I feel so comfortable performing on my harp that it has become a rich part of my heart and spirit before God. Thank you, Marini family, for all your hard work, skill, and loving diligence in crafting such beautiful instruments.
Betina Morgan—Asheville, NC



The LAP Harp

New! The 26-string LAP Harp

Relaxing with the LAP Harp

Testimonial—September, 2012
I just want to thank you one more time for making such a wonderful LAP harp!!! I just got back from South Africa and that little harp came everywhere with us, and was a hit everywhere it went!! Many had never seen a harp before, and in one town a blind preacher got to feel it which was so special!! It endured heat and cold very well, as they don't heat the houses so I was a little worried at first, and traveled over many back country roads which sometimes were very rough.......and it didn't break one string on the whole trip!!!! So many thanks for making such a first-rate quality harp, as well as beautiful sounding!!
Shaina Kowles—Greeley, PA

The LAP Harp
(shown in natural cherry)
26-Strings (nearly 4 octaves)
Range: c to g3

34" tall, 12" wide, 23" deep, 7 lbs.






My Limerick Lap Harp is a delight and joy for me to play! I love everything about this harp—its lovely design, its string range, and especially its sweet, beautiful sound. The sound that resonates from my Limerick fills the entire room that I am playing in! It's also such a nice size to travel with, and I am able to play so much on it. I have played this harp in weddings, worship services, and in nursing homes and hospitals. The workmanship done on this harp is excellent, and I have received so many amazing comments from other people over the years about this harp. I feel so blessed to own such a beautiful harp!
Erin Cross— Loveland, CO

Lyre harp and Lute harp





I love my lute-harp! I can play it standing up (with it on a table), sitting down (with it in front of me on a chair or table), or sitting on the floor. It has a sweet, rich voice. (It doesn’t sound like a small, portable harp at all.) It’s beautiful – a work of art and fine craftsmanship. A harp is frequently a conversation piece, but this little guy brings an instant smile when people see it. Then, when they hear it, they are amazed & pleased! I’ve taken it on many plane trips, including to Scotland! It has fit just fine in the overhead compartments of several different plane configurations.
Thank you so much for making it!
Angi Bemiss—
Atlanta, GA

Lyre Harp
(shown, on left, in natural black walnut)
16 Strings (2 octaves)
Range: f to g2

28½" tall, 17" wide, 2" deep, 5 lbs.

Lute Harp
(shown, right, in black walnut)
24-Strings (over 3 octaves),
Range: f to a
’ tall, 18’ wide, 2’ deep, 5 lbs.

Studio harp and Limerick harp



Studio Harp
(shown, left, in exotic padauk wood)
29-Strings (4 octaves),
Range: G to g
’ tall, 14’ wide, 24’ deep, 15 lbs.


Limerick Harp
(shown, right, in natural black walnut)
26-Strings (3½ octaves),
Range: f to c
’ tall, 13’ wide, 24’ deep, 12 lbs.

Testimonial—September, 2010
My first harp was a Marini-made Limerick lap harp, and it continues to bring me so much joy! When I decided to purchase a larger harp, I chose the Regency Robusto. It’s rich, resonant sound and strong bass fill an entire room, even in a large church! The range, down to the low g, is perfect, and it is surprisingly easy to transport for its size. I especially like the clean lines of the Regency Robusto, and Alex Marini’s workmanship is exquisite. I have received may compliments from other harpists, even pedal harpists, about my Marini harps. I believe they are the best folk harps with the
highest quality sound!
Mollie Larkin—Pottstown, PA
Shalom harp
Selah harp

Introducing a line of MORE AFFORDABLE harps with a simpler design but the same great sound as our other harps:

Shalom Harp, Selah Harp, Shechinah Harp, Minstrel Harps, and Davidic Harp

Shechinah Harp

Shalom Harp
(shown in natural cherry)
34-Strings (nearly 5 octaves),
Range: C to a3
’ tall, 16’ wide, 31’ deep, 25 lbs.

Selah Harp
(shown in natural walnut)
30-Strings (over 4 octaves),
Range: F to a3
’ tall, 13½’ wide, 28’ deep, 20 lbs.

Shechinah Harp
(shown in natural walnut)
26-Strings (3½ octaves),
Range: f to c
’ tall, 13’ wide, 24’ deep, 12 lbs.

Testimonial—September, 2010
I am a professional musician, certified therapeutic musician, and recording artist. I have a small therapy harp I use bedside but was looking for a larger harp for performance and for recording. I brought my sound engineer who does my recordings to the Marini house to help select a harp for this. We chose the Marini-Made Shalom Harp in cherry. It is so beautifully vibrant! All who see and hear this harp comment first on the loveliness of its tone and then secondly on how beautifully and well-made the harp is. You get a lovely full sound out of a harp that is still very portable.
Cass Jendzurski, CMP
Lancaster, PA

NEW! Minstrel Harps!
For those who need a lightweight harp
to use in ministry to hospitals or nursing homes...
this is the harp for you! Weighing only six pounds,
this harp has a sweet sound and comes with a strap
so that you can wear it (like a guitar).
If you like those lower notes, then the bass minstrel
(weighing only 8 pounds) will suit your needs.

Minstrel harps

Minstrel Harp
(shown, right, in natural cherry)
26-Strings (3½ octaves),
Range: f to c
’ tall, 12’ wide, 21’ deep,
6 lbs.

Bass Minstrel Harp
(shown, left, in natural cherry)
26-Strings (3½ octaves),
Range: F to c
’ tall, 12’ wide, 25’ deep,
8 lbs.

Testimonial—December, 2010
" I absolutely love my bass minstrel harp. I had to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to you for the opportunity to own a "Marini Made Harp." It is a gift from God. I wish many blessings to your family for the new year and hope that you always make these wonderful harps."
Nan Hall—Alexandria, VA


Minstrel Stand
(click on picture of Minstrel Harps to see stand)


Added cost for...

12’’ Studio harp stool...$275.00
’’ Limerick harp stool...$275.00
’’ Shechinah harp stool...$200.00

Sharping Levers:
Universal Levers...$20.00 per string
Gold Truitt Levers...$23.00 per string

New - The Affordable Minstrel Harp!
This 27-string harp is designed for those wanting an inexpensive therapy harp. It has the same high-friction rubber on the bottom like our new LAP harp, and a strap can be added as well for those who like to walk & play. This is also a good beginner harp for new harp students.

The Affordable LAP Minstrel Harp

Affordable LAP Minstrel
(shown in natural walnut with a satin finish)
27-Strings (3½ octaves),
c to a3
’ tall, 12’ wide, 24’ deep,
6 lbs.


16-String Davidic Harp

16-String Davidic Harp
(shown in natural black walnut)
16 Strings (2 octaves)
Range: f to g2

27" tall, 18" wide (at top), 2" deep,
(base is 6" wide x 12½")
5½ lbs.

Testimonial—August, 2011
" Recently I was invited to give three seminars in Mexico City concerning the reconstruction (by the late Suzanne Haik-Vantoura) of how all of Hebrew Scripture was sung, and generally to instrumental accompaniment (cf. Psalms 119:54, etc.), in biblical times. I have long wanted a good-quality lyre (kinnor) to play for my audiences in such seminars but had never found a satisfactory one. The "Davidic Harp" by Marini Made Harps turned out to be everything I needed and hoped for. Everyone at my seminars and during my performances at church loved the tone and projection of the instrument and how it blended with my singing voice. It is gentle when played with the fingers and assertive when played with a pick, even as we know that such lyres were played both with the fingers and with plectra in ancient times".
John Wheeler
Houston, TX


Davidic harp


Testimonial—November, 2011

"...I personally recommend the Marini Made Davidic Harp, for anyone with a passion for either spiritual or ancient music performance. For me, it was truly “love at first pluck”! I only wish I had found this powerful little lyre 3 years ago, before I started recording all my lyre albums – although there are other makers of replica Biblical lyres whose instruments I have recorded with… it is only in the unique quality of craftsmanship & tone of the Marini Made Davidic Harp, that I can now say that I have at last found the lost sound of the Lyre of the Levites – recreated!"
Michael Levy
United Kingdom

All harps come pre-strung with extra strings and a tuning wrench. Prices do not include sharping levers, hand carvings, exotic wood, sales tax, shipping or other accessories.

Davidic Harp with Universal levers

Davidic with Levers
$735.00 with black Universals
$765.00 with gold Truitts
(shown above with Universals)
(over 1 octave),
Range: c
1 to e2
21½’’ tall, 13’’ wide, ’’ deep

4 lbs.

Davidic Harp
(shown in natural black walnut)
(over 1 octave),
Range: c
1 to e2
21½’’ tall, 13’’ wide, ’’ deep

3 lbs.


Deluxe Davidic Harp
(shown in natural black walnut
with hand-carved olive branches)

(over 1 octave),
Range: c1 to e2
21½’’ tall, 13’’ wide, 2½’’ deep
3 lbs.


New CD!

New CD Now Available!
(Click here for info)


Instruction Manual
and songbooks
now available
for the Davidic Harp!
(click here for info)


Davidic Support Stand
now available!
(click here for info)

Kinnor Harp

Kinnor Harp
(shown in black walnut
with a satin finish)

(over 1 octave),
Range: c1 to e2
21½’’ tall, 14’’ wide, 2’’ deep
just over 2 lbs.


Harp Cases

Harp Cases
Click on the picture for details

Our Guarantee: All harps are guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship for five years from the date of purchase. If you are not satisfied, you may return it within 30 days for an even exchange or a full refund.

Testimonial—December, 2010

Dear Marini Family,
We are blessed and humbled in that we have these opportunities to record your talented family and the most excellent musically-balanced handcrafted Marini made harps. Your harps are very even tempered and therefore in the skillful hands of a talented musician are great recording instruments! We have recorded other harps that are muddy sounding or have a mid range honky sound and are very difficult to get a good sound. Marini Made Harps are a pleasure to record and sound beautiful every time!

Aaron Hurst, recording engineer
Altar of Praise Studio, Leola, PA