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22-Travel Harp
22-Travel Harp back


The 22-Travel Harp
This fits in an overhead compartment!
$685.00 for semi-gloss finish
$875.00 for high-gloss finish
(shown, left, in semi-gloss walnut)
22-Strings (3 octaves),
Range: a to a
’ tall, 13’ wide, 2¾’ deep,
3 lbs.


Sound clip will be coming soon!


A perfect harp for traveling!
If you're a harpist that likes to travel but you can't take along your big harp, then this small lightweight harp is for you! We've designed it to fit into the overhead compartment of airplanes, and have designed a backpack style case so that you can go hiking in the woods! You can continue to practice on this 3-octave harp while you're away on vacation!




More options...

$95.00: Oval Stand (semi-gloss)
(pictured left)

$195.00: Oval Stand (high-gloss)
$115: Back Plate w/strap (semi-gloss)
(pictured below)

$215: Back Plate w/strap (high-gloss)
$40.00: Support Bar (semi-gloss)
(pictured below)

$80.00: Support Bar (high-gloss)
$95.00: Padded Case (regular)
$115.00: Padded Case (backpack)
$54.00: Extra Wound Low Strings
(on the first four low notes)
$94.00: Extra full set of 22 strings


This harp comes pre-strung with extra strings and a tuning wrench. The price does not include exotic wood, sales tax, shipping or other accessories.


Our Guarantee: All harps are guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship for five years from the date of purchase. If you are not satisfied, you may return it within 30 days for an even exchange or a full refund.

Optional Accessories for The 22-Travel Harp...

Support bar Back-plate Back-plate

Support Bar
Holds the harp on your lap.

Attaches to the back of the harp
so you can play while standing.

You can play while sitting
with the back-plate as well.